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Bombardier to deliver 125 electric locos to Mercitalia and TX Logistik

Bombardier has won a tendering process for the delivery of electric locomotives for rail freight transport to Mercitalia and TX Logistik (see SCI RAILDATA Issue 08/2017). The contract worth EUR 400 million for the delivery of 125 electric locomotives of type Traxx over a term of three years is to be signed in the coming weeks. The delivery comprises multi-system locomotives of type Traxx MS3 for cross-border transport in Italy, Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Traxx DC3 locomotives for the Italian market. Bombardier will also carry out the maintenance of the vehicles for eight years. The vehicles will be produced in Vado Ligure, which currently has 530 employees, resulting in the plant working at full capacity.

Source: Il Secolo XIX 09.11.2017


RCG and FCP test intermodal freight handling without terminal

The Rail Cargo Group (RCG) is testing intermodal freight handling without a terminal in cooperation with Fritsch, Chiari & Partner (FCP). The project is under the leadership of FCP and aims for fast and uncomplicated container handling from truck to rail without a container terminal. For this, a special Mobiler technology container transfer system is used, which can be operated by a person without assistance and without complex terminal equipment such as cranes. A special hydraulic lift and feed device makes the process easy and uncomplicated. The project's first test service was carried out at the beginning of October 2017.

Source: Rail Cargo Group 03.10.2017


LRT operators to place joint orders for LRVs

Albtal-based transport company AVG, Karlsruhe-based transport company VBK, Saarbahn Netz, Kassel-based transport company KVG, Schiene Oberösterreich, Erms-Neckar-Bahn and Regionaltangente West, based in Frankfurt/Main, are intending to place joint orders of light rail vehicles (LRV) in the future. All companies use the Karlsruhe Model with dual-system vehicles. They are used as LRVs in the urban environment as well as conventional trains in the surrounding region. The project, which is supported by the association of German transport companies VDV, is led by AVG. The transport companies want to achieve savings in the hundreds of millions range and significantly speed up the approval process. They have responded to the fact that the price of a dual-system vehicle is no longer competitive compared to a main-track vehicle. Moreover, joint procurement also offers the advantages of jointly procuring spare parts and consulting with potential experts, creating a vehicle reserve and also strengthen the companies' negotiating position with manufacturers.

Source: AVG press release 08.11.2017


Pesa signs loan agreement

On 7th November 2017, a Polish consortium of banks led by PKO BP signed a loan agreement worth about EUR 47 million (PLN 200 million) with Pesa (see SCI RAILDATA Issue 43/2017). The funds are supposed to secure Pesa's liquidity and enable the company to obtain new orders during the process of restructuring its business until a new strategic investor is found. For this task, Pesa has been given until the end of the first quarter of 2018 (Q1/2018). Pesa is suffering from a recent reduction of Fokstrot light rail vehicles (LRV) ordered for Moscow as well as PKP Intercity’s vote against further Dart long-distance electric multiple units (EMU). According to company information, there are currently difficulties obtaining insurance guarantees, which are crucial for new contracts. A representative of the bank consortium is to receive a seat on Pesa's board. With that transaction, Pesa will have the necessary financial stability and the possibility to find an investor from the industry. One possible investor is rumoured to be CAF.

Source: Puls Biznesu 07.11.2017


PKP starts tender for new line constructions

Polish infrastructure operator PKP PLK has announced the start of a tender to elaborate a design draft for the construction of a new line connecting Podleze with Tymbark and Mszana Dolna in the south of Poland. The opening for bids valued at EUR 47.2 million (PLN 200 million) is scheduled for early 2018. The costs for the construction of the Podleze - Piekielko line and the modernisation of the Chabowka - Nowy Sacz line are estimated at EUR 1.65 billion. The last two stages of the project are expected to be finished by 2026. This marks another step to improve railway services in the Malopolska region from north to south, as well as on the axis from the Baltic over the Balkan to the Black Sea. It will also decongest the fully occupied freight lines of Upper Silesia and fill a gap in the overall TEN-T network.

Source: RailwayPro 08.11.2017